Friday, April 5, 2013

Close to first release of Zquence Studio 2

Hello guys!

We have had a short break with Zquence Studio because we had to learn more about deep and important stuff. And the result of that is a much better working Zquence Studio.

So Here we are again, with good and refreshing news!

We are very close to first release of Zquence Studio 2. How awesome is that?

And this time, we are planning to release ZS2 in a different way.
We will release an early version which will be less pricey.
After a while, when we feel like ZS2 is worth it, the price will rise.
Why? Because we want you to try our early Beta and let us know what we can do to make ZS2 the best DAW-app Ever.
For those who doesn't want to pay for it, we are going to release a Free version too, but of course with less awesomeness than the pay-version.

To make sure you know that we're working hard on ZS2 right now, I'll attach a sneak peek video down below on our own pinch-zoom function that you've been asking for. :)

And remember, this is not the final look on ZS2.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


* Zquence Studio is now available for Windows Phone!
* We will soon post a new version with corrected bugs and a synth.
* We're still working with the brand new Zquence Studio 2.
   It's getting
really, really nice! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

On the market: 4.0 bug fixed + new synth


Now we've finally fixed the Android 4.0-bug.
And we've also given you a synthesizer. :)


Friday, April 6, 2012

What's happening right now


At first, we just want to tell you that we're still alive. Maybe more than ever.

So what are we doing right now?
We're actually not far away from a Windows Phone 7 release.
And at the same time we're working alot with Zquence Studio 2.0, from scratch, for both Android and wp7. One of the new features will be a whole new graphics engine wich will make Zquence Studio faster on the android devices.
But before we'll release version 2.0
, we're going to give you some synths to play with.

We have problems with android version 4.0 and that bug will be fixed as soon as possible!
We are truly sorry fort that.

And last but not least, happy easter to all of you out there! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Almost there!

We're sitting right now with the last programming lines that are left to the release of Zquence Studio v1.5 Beta!
We hope you are as excited as we are! ;)

Another good news is that we have new recorded instruments that you will be able to download soon (a few days)!
We will only
post the links here on the blog where you can download the new instruments because the instruments are so large that it is impossible to put them up on the Android Market.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zquence Studio v1.5!

Hi guys!
Sorry for not being updating Zquence Studio for a while.
We are working on a version 1.5 right now, and it's soon to be out on the market!

This is what's goning to be new:

Realtime playback

New window form system
You can have how meny windows on the screen you want to change effects etc.
You can even minimize the windows and move them around for maximal usability.
The windows makes Zquence Studio much eazier and much more fun to use!

Sound settings (Stereo/mono 44,1 / 22,0 khz)

Resonante filter

Equalizer2 (faster version)

A printscreen of the window form system.
This picture is from a BETA version!

Picture printed from a Samsung Galaxy S

We have just started this blog for makeing it eazier to communicate with you guys.
We will upload all our news here as often as we can.
Stay tuned! :)

/ Riccsson