Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zquence Studio v1.5!

Hi guys!
Sorry for not being updating Zquence Studio for a while.
We are working on a version 1.5 right now, and it's soon to be out on the market!

This is what's goning to be new:

Realtime playback

New window form system
You can have how meny windows on the screen you want to change effects etc.
You can even minimize the windows and move them around for maximal usability.
The windows makes Zquence Studio much eazier and much more fun to use!

Sound settings (Stereo/mono 44,1 / 22,0 khz)

Resonante filter

Equalizer2 (faster version)

A printscreen of the window form system.
This picture is from a BETA version!

Picture printed from a Samsung Galaxy S

We have just started this blog for makeing it eazier to communicate with you guys.
We will upload all our news here as often as we can.
Stay tuned! :)

/ Riccsson


  1. Hey there!
    It looks great Ricsson, but would it run ok on my samsung galaxy ace? What are the system requirements for beta?
    Have you put a tutorial together, or a pdf manual?
    I only ask because of reading comments on android market.
    I would love a little multitrack for my phone. Please advise.

    1. Hello!
      We havn't tried Zquence studio with Galaxy Ace, but when we compare the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S(which we always test it on) they're pretty similar but Ace is not quite as good as Galaxy S. However, it should work.

      The Riccsson team.

  2. Sensation XE - Screen size problem...

  3. Hi
    I can't buy the application
    and I can't return my money

    1. Google has canceled your order and we have not received any money from you, so we can not do anything, unfortunately.

  4. Greetings Riccsons team :)

    Just wondering, could you do a 101 or tutorial for your apps?
    Like how to do synth and all that.. And i realize (maybe i dint found or know how) theres no loops making option..
    Since im a newbie on making beats but with a passion for dope music i really desperate for a complete tutorial
    And since you guys already on the new zquence project, could you guys consider to make it compatible for us with low-end device?
    Mine is Samsung S5300 with 2.2.3 version
    Cheers :)

  5. Greetings riccsons!

    I tried this app and I see a lot of potential.

    But I please ask you all to fix a few things:
    1. fix bugs especially when importing sound files.
    2. Expand sound bank or instruments.
    3. Fix current instruments. They sound a bit to cheap. Please add a bit of oomph!
    4. Fix effect plugings like eq, filter, comp. They a sometimes inaffective.
    5.add a recording plutonium that records from the microphone of the used device.
    6. And last of all please make it run smoother on almost all devices including entry level devices.

    I hope I'm not asking for much.
    besides everything else, this is a wonderful app, or should I say DAW.