Friday, April 5, 2013

Close to first release of Zquence Studio 2

Hello guys!

We have had a short break with Zquence Studio because we had to learn more about deep and important stuff. And the result of that is a much better working Zquence Studio.

So Here we are again, with good and refreshing news!

We are very close to first release of Zquence Studio 2. How awesome is that?

And this time, we are planning to release ZS2 in a different way.
We will release an early version which will be less pricey.
After a while, when we feel like ZS2 is worth it, the price will rise.
Why? Because we want you to try our early Beta and let us know what we can do to make ZS2 the best DAW-app Ever.
For those who doesn't want to pay for it, we are going to release a Free version too, but of course with less awesomeness than the pay-version.

To make sure you know that we're working hard on ZS2 right now, I'll attach a sneak peek video down below on our own pinch-zoom function that you've been asking for. :)

And remember, this is not the final look on ZS2.