Friday, April 6, 2012

What's happening right now


At first, we just want to tell you that we're still alive. Maybe more than ever.

So what are we doing right now?
We're actually not far away from a Windows Phone 7 release.
And at the same time we're working alot with Zquence Studio 2.0, from scratch, for both Android and wp7. One of the new features will be a whole new graphics engine wich will make Zquence Studio faster on the android devices.
But before we'll release version 2.0
, we're going to give you some synths to play with.

We have problems with android version 4.0 and that bug will be fixed as soon as possible!
We are truly sorry fort that.

And last but not least, happy easter to all of you out there! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi - zquence is amazing, and I will review it soon.
    But this 'website' could be more informative - e.g. put links to your youtube videos, add a voiceover to them, produce a list of buttons, saying what each one does...

    Maybe a blog is not the best vehicle for this?
    Best Wishes